Cyanide analysr HYDRLYT LP 100

The cyanide analyzer series Hydrolyt LP 100 is used for automatic, continuous measurement of the cyanide anion CN- or its salts used in aqueous solutions. The analyzers are used for process monitoring and control, and gives alarm when limits are exceeded.
Applications include the control of waste water from electroplating plants, waste water from blast furnace gas washer, in the cyanide gold leaching and processing operations with hydrogen cyanide.
The cyanide analyzer has,  depending on the probe contitions, a lower detection limit of approximately 1 µg/l.
The standard model of  the cyanide analyzer Hydrolyt LP 100 can measure  a maximum concentration of 10 mg/l by a resolution of 0,001 mg/l. For trace analysis a concentration range of 1000 µg/l by a resolution of  0,1 µg/l is provided.
By dilutions of the sample material, even larger concentrations of cyanide can be measured.
By adding a defined standard solution of cyanide into the sample, the measuring system can be  automatically calibrated  in-line, or  the sensitivity of the measuring system can verified on demand.