Analytical measuring instruments

The answer to the higher demands on the analyzing measuring technique are our analyzers of the product group Hydrolyt LP 100. This sturdy and reliable measuring instrument makes it possible to operate very accurately even under extremely harsh operating conditions. Simple rapid calibration with automatic sensitivity correction allows the instrument to be calibrated more often, with consequent gain in performance and reliability.
In this connection we cooperate with well-known companies and institutions. For example:

Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany
ABB Mannheim, Germany
Dr. Leye GmbH, Geringswalde,
GB Kraftwerkstechnik, Essen, Germany
Alliance Center of Technique, Ismaningen,
Tecnilab Portugal LdA, Lisbon, Portugal
ELTA; Blangnac, France
Sentry Equipment Corp. Okonomowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Analyser Instrument, Kota, India
Korean Electric Power KEPCO/KEPRI Seoul, Korea
Technoanlyt, Moskau, Russia
Waltron LLC, NY, USA
Evonik-Röhm, Worms, Germany


The electrochemical sensors functions in a potentiostatic mode with an open electrode system (no membrane). The Hydrolyt LP 100 analyzers are used for the automatic, continuos measurement and control of hydrogen H2, oxygen O2, hydrazine concentration N2H4, cyanide CN-, ozone O3, chlorine Cl2 in aqueous solutions.
The sensors have an automatic in-line calibration. The fully automatic calibration is activated with the push of a single button or by a timer. As no other external calibration devices or procedures are required; it is not necessary to shut down the operation during the calibration.